TVIRD joins Philippine government’s Adopt-a-School Program


A formal recognition of the firm’s education thrusts since 2004
When TVI Resource Development Philippines, Inc. (TVIRD) came to Canatuan in the
mid-‘90s, the place was in a state of environmental instability and economic
depression. Miners and loggers operating illegally lorded over the indigenous
peoples (IPs) in the area, who were made virtual slaves in their own homeland.
Among the reasons for the seemingly blind acceptance of the Subanons of their
plight then was lack of education.

In June 2004, after over a year of massive environmental cleanup and community
development, TVIRD began its gold and silver project in this remote mountain village
in Siocon town, Zamboanga del Norte.

One of the Company’s major social development programs for the host community
is to provide quality education to all Subanons. For three years now, TVIRD has
been implementing various education programs, including the construction of a
daycare center; the building of school rooms for elementary and high school students;
the hiring of company teachers to complement the very few teachers assigned by
the cash-strapped Department of Education (DepEd) in the area; the implementation
of a Functional Literacy Training Program for Adults and Out-of-School Youths;
the sponsoring of college scholarship grants; and the holding of leadership and
capacity-Building training Seminars.

One of TVIRD’s major social development programs is to provide
quality education to all Subanons. “Sustainable development can only be
attained in Canatuan if its residents are educated.”

TVIRD’s efforts in the uplift of the quality of education in its host
community was formally recognized when it was named one of the lead partners
of the Adopt-a-School Program of DepEd-Zamboanga del Norte Division under Provincial
Superintendent Dr. Habib Adzhar Sarahadil.

TVIRD’s efforts to uplift the quality of
education for its Subanon hosts has been recognized when the Company was named
one of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Adopt-a-School Program partners
in ceremonies held recently in Dipolog, capital of Zamboanga del Norte which
hosts TVIRD’s Canatuan Project in Siocon town. Photo above shows provincial
and DepEd officials joining hands symbolizing unity with all sectors in the
many-hands approach needed for the advancement of education. In photo below,
TVIRD Canatuan Community Relations and Development Office Manager Theresa Limpin
and TVIRD Public Affairs Officer Raymond Acopiado join in the hand-holding ceremony.

“This Adopt-a-School Program is a must,” Zamboanga del Norte Vice Governor
Francis Olvis said. “It is a fact that although education has the biggest budget
allocation from the government, the budget is still not enough. We, in the provincial
government even have a school board fund for us to hire additional teachers
to help DepEd. But I am sure that this program will be successful, with stakeholders
like TVIRD who are sincere in their commitment to help the community.”

“Sustainable development can only be achieved in Canatuan if its residents are educated,” Feliece Yeban, TVIRD vice president for Social Commitments said. “That is why education is one of the pillars of our development thrust for our gracious hosts. Our being a partner in the Adopt-a-
School program underscores our commitment to help government in the many-hands approach needed for educational advancement.”

Among the latest projects of TVIRD in the area of education is a 12-room schoolhouse in Tanuman Village, a settlement within the Canatuan ancestral domain that the once semi-nomadic Subanons chose themselves to be their future permanent community. (Rene Patangan)