Quadrant of Development: Infrastructure

TVI Resource Development Philippines Inc. (TVIRD) recognizes the important role that physical infrastructure plays in contributing to economic development – it is clearly a vital prerequisite for mobilizing progress in host communities. The company, however, also believes that sustainable development is a goal that emphasizes a long-term and generational perspective that integrates economic, environmental, social and cultural dimensions. As such, as TVIRD pursues its infrastructure initiatives as one of its quadrants of development, it also considers the impact of infrastructure on other aspects of well-being. The underlying principle is that strategically-planned infrastructure can provide significant improvements to other dimensions of sustainability.


TVIRD participated building four bridges that now connect Siocon town, Zamboanga del Norte and RT Lim town, Zamboanga Sibugay. TVIRD constructed and maintains the 45-km Baliguian road and the 16-km Paduan-Candiz-Tungawan road. Including the 79-km thoroughfare linking Siocon to RT Lim, TVIRD maintains a road network of 140 kilometers.

For instance, TVIRD’s participation in constructing bridges and the improvement of roads linking Canatuan to RT Lim town in the west and Siocon town in the east not only helped open economic opportunities for people in Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Sibugay. It also provided greater access to education and health services that were difficult to come by in earlier years. These infrastructures have likewise allowed for better social interaction among citizens of the Zamboanga Peninsula – a melting pot of Muslim, Subanon and Christian cultures.

TVIRD will continue building infrastructure in communities where it operates, ever mindful of its impact on all dimensions of sustainable development.


TVIRD’s operations has brought electricity to hundreds of households in the mountainous Subanon tribal village of Canatuan.

  1. Establishment of a 7-kilometer farm-to-market road from Barangay D. Riconalla to Barangay Tabayo
  2. Road gravelling of JS Perfecto Road
  3. Construction of Pisawak Spillway
  4. Tanuman Electrification Project
  5. Construction of Multi-purpose solar drier in Barangay Kilalaban
  6. Donation for roofing of a Catholic church in Siocon town proper
  7. Maintenance of the RT Lim-Canatuan road
  8. Repair of Kilalaban Road
  9. Repair of Tabayo farm-to-market road
  10. Construction of Paduan footbridge
  11. Renovation of Tanuman Glapow
  12. Repair of Cuyan, Pisawak to Siocon road
  13. Repair of M. Francisco, Malipot and Matiag roads
  14. Construction of Tabayo barangay hall sub-office
  15. Construction of waiting sheds at Siay, Al Micubo and Manaol in Siocon
  16. Riprapping of Siay-San Jose junction road along Canete residence, Siocon Zamboanga Del Norte
  17. Repair of culvert at Barangay Tabayo
  18. Construction of barangay hall at New Lituban, Siocon
  19. Repair of Masjed at Sitio Kalayaan, Bliss and S’ Arabi, Siocon
  20. Construction of Matiag–Panubigan Road
  21. Construction of Multi-purpose building at Barangay Malambuhangin, Siocon
  22. Construction of tribal hall at Barangay Makiang, Siocon
  23. Construction of barangay hall at Barangay Bulacan, Siocon
  24. Baliguian farm-to-market road
  25. Construction of multi-purpose building at Barangay M. Francisco
  26. Construction of Pangian solar dryer
  27. Provision of materials for the construction of Madrasa at Barangay Malipot
  28. Provision of materials for street light at Barangay JP Brillantes
  29. Provision of construction materials for the renovation of a mosque at Barangay D’ Sailila, Siocon
  30. Renovation of A.L Micubo Barangay Hall in Siocon
  31. Rehabilitation of Paduan-Candiz-Malungon-Tungawan farm-to-market road
  32. Provided assistance for construction of drainage, construction of water tank, road repair and other infrastructure projects to the barangays of RT Lim:  Antique, Poblacion, Surabay, JS Perfecto, San Antonio, New Sagay, Mabini, Siawang, San Fernandino, Katipunan and Malubal
  1. 50 pieces of plastic chairs to Barangay JP Brillantes,
  2. 50 pieces of plastic chairs to Barangay Malipot
  3. 36 pieces of plastic chairs to Barangay Pangian
  4. 36 pieces plastic chairs and 1 table to Barangay Latabon, Siocon
  5. 5 units desktop computers to Barangays JP Brillantes, Manaol, Tibangao, Kilalaban, Pisawak, and S’ Cabral Farmers’ Association (SCARBASS) of Siocon
  6. 2 grass cutters units, 1 unit sound system, 3 units sewing machine for donation to Barangays JP Brillantes, AL Micubo, Manaol and Pangian in Siocon