October 2014 TVIRD launches nickel laterite direct shipping operations at the Agata Nickel Project in the Surigao mining region of Mindanao.
April 2014 TVIRD receives Declaration of Mining Project Feasibility and approval to develop Port Facility for the Agata High-Iron DSO Project
January 2014 TVIRD decommissions its Canatuan Sulphide Milling operations following the production of 38 shipments of copper concentrate for a total volume of 195,660 dmt and seven shipments of zinc concentrate for a total volume of 30,548 dmt.
July 2012 TVIRD forms Joint Venture with MRL Nickel Philippines. to develop the Agata Nickel Project into a Direct Shipping Ore operation in the Surigao mining region of Mindanao.
January 2012 TVIRD fulfills Free Prior Informed Consent requirements for proposed new MPSA in the Malusok area near Canatuan.
May 2011 DOLE confers the Outstanding Employer of Zamboanga del Norte (Industrial category) award upon TVIRD in recognition of its harmonious labor relationship and sincere implementation of social programs.
March 27, 2009 TVIRD makes first shipment of copper concentrate from Sta. Maria Port in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte
November 15, 2008 TVIRD begins commissioning of Sulphide Project
June 2008 Construction of Sulphide Project production and support facilities commences
April 9, 2008 Decommissioning of Gossan Project begins
February 2007 TVIRD confirms additional polymetallic occurrences near Canatuan Mine
May 13, 2006 TVIRD inaugurates Gossan Dam; company lauded by Canadian Ambassador and DENR Secretary
January 2005 Canatuan achieves steady state throughput of 1300 dmtpd
September 2005 Production exceeds 700 dmtpd
August 2005 Greater Canatuan exploration launched
July 2004 TVIRD begins Gossan Project at 150 dmtpd
November 18, 2003 TVIRD executes MOA with Subanon Council of Elders and SSAI
June 12, 2003 Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title covering 8,213 hectares of land in Siocon issued to Subanons; CADT covers entire MPSA area
December 2002 TVIRD buys and processes tailings from illegal small-scale miners
October 28, 2002 MGB approves renewal of MPSA Exploration Period (CYs 2002 to 2004) and Partial Declaration of Mining Feasibility
October 16, 2002 TVIRD submits to MGB Partial Declaration of Mining Feasibility for Canatuan Project
October 2001 TVIRD executes MOU with Siocon Subanon Association, Inc.
1999 TVIRD stops exploration activities in Canatuan
May 14, 1998 DENR approves assignment of MPSA to TVIRD
October 21, 1997 DENR issues Certificate of Ancestral Domain Claim to Subanons covering 6,523.689 hectares in Siocon, including MPSA
June 16, 1997 Benguet Corp, TVIRD execute “Deed of Assignment”; former assigns, transfers and coveys unto the latter its rights and interests in MPSA
June 8, 1997 ECC issued for TVIRD Canatuan Mining Project
1996-1998 Exploration under approved MPSA
January 20, 1994 Benguet Corp, TVIRD sign an “Exploration Agreement with Option to Purchase”; covers 1,694 hectares, including MPSA applied area
April 10, 1992 Benguet Corp., for. R. V. Bosque, files MPSA application