Quadrant of Development: Responsive Education

TVI Resource Development Philippines Inc. (TVIRD) subscribes to the principle that education is essential in advancing human rights, gender equity, social justice and a healthy environment in communities that host its operations. There can be no sustainable future without a responsive and inclusive education system.

In implementing its Responsive Education initiatives as a major component of its Quadrants of Development, TVIRD engages other public and private sector partners to ensure that programs for the advancement of education are relevant to its beneficiaries.

Subanon children now have better classrooms, schools, and learning facilities that are manned by a sufficient number of teachers, many of whom are company-paid.

Subanon children now have better classrooms, schools and learning facilities that are manned by a sufficient number of teachers, many of whom are company-paid.

TVIRD views education as a lifelong, holistic and inclusive process. That is why the company’s education program extends to toddlers through day care centers; to children and adolescents through schools and teachers, learning tools and instructional equipment; to adults through organized literacy programs; and to parents through seminars on gender sensitivity and responsible parenthood. TVIRD also makes sure that affected communities are knowledgeable about its operations and activities as well as the mining industry in general through intensive information-education-communication (IEC) campaigns, which have resulted in growing positive interest and support from critical stakeholders.

  1. College Scholarship Program for Subanon CADT Beneficiaries – to date, TVIRD has a total of 81 scholars—24 of whom have already graduated.
  2. Provision of teachers in Department of Education Primary and Secondary School systems – since 2006, TVIRD has provided teachers to the following public schools:
    • Tabayo Elementary School
    • Canatuan Elementary School
    • Siocon National HS-Canatuan Campus
    • KM Primary School
    • Kilalaban Primary School
    • Makiang Elementary School
    • Sta. Maria Elementary School
    • Malubal National High School
    • Imam Nasaron Haron
  3. Alternative Learning System (ALS) – 55 learners were assisted in the Accreditation and Equivalency Exam; 51 Adults and Out-of-School Youths completed the program.
  4. Construction of the Canatuan Elementary and High School Building – 5 classrooms for elementary and 2 classrooms for high school.
  5. Construction of Tanuman Day Care Center and Solonsangan Day Care Center.
  6. Construction and Renovation of D’ Sailila Day Care Center, Pisawak Day Care Center, and AL Micubo Day Care Center.
  7. Construction of 2 classrooms at Kilalaban Elementary School and 2 classrooms at Canatuan National High School.
  8. Construction of a day care center at Barangay Makiang, Siocon, Zamboanga Del Norte.
  9. Construction of 4 additional classrooms for Tabayo Elementary School.
  10. Construction of the 2 two-room school buildings at Imam Nasaron Haron Primary. School at Sitio Busicong, Barangay Sta. Maria – a joint project of TVIRD, Petron Foundation, Maple Tree Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.
  11. Construction of the a one-room school building at Canatuan Elementary School – a joint project of TVIRD, Petron Foundation, Maple Tree Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity.
  12. Construction of a foot bridge at Sta. Maria National High School–Annex.
  13. Construction of Tabayo Day Care Center.
  14. Construction of an 8-room school building at Surabay, RT Lim.
  15. Construction of 1 classroom for Sta. Maria Elementary School.
  16. Construction of a 2-unit school stage at Km. 8, Barangay Kilalaban, Baliguian Zamboanga del Norte and Mambong Elementary School.
  17. Construction of 3 comfort rooms at Canatuan National High School.
  18. Rehabilitation and repair of Paduan Elementary School.
  19. Provision of 200 armchairs to San Fernandino Elementary and High School.
  20. Provision of 150 armchairs and 3 tables to Imam Nasaron Haron Elementary School.
  21. Provision of 50 wooden armchairs to Canatuan National High School.
  22. Provision of materials for a classroom at Pisawak Elementary School.
  23. Provision of 87 plastic chairs to Canatuan Elementary and High School.
  24. Construction of a multipurpose building and concrete perimeter fence at Canatuan Elementary School.
  25. Construction of an additional classroom at National High School.
  26. Acquisition of a school bus that serves over 300 students daily plus an additional school bus.
  27. Provision of a VSAT satellite for internet connection and subsidy for monthly internet connection at Canatuan National High School.
  28. Provision of window grills and fabrication of computer tables at Canatuan National High School.
  29. Provision of computers and printers
    • Tabayo Elementary School
    • Siocon NHS-Canatuan Campus
    • San Fernandino HS
    • Tabayo Elementary School
    • Mambong Elementary School
    • Paduan Elementary School
    • Canatuan National HS
    • Canatuan Elementary School
  30. Donations of various school facilities and instructional equipment
    • Books and other references
    • Sports equipment
    • Musical instruments
    • Books from Asia Foundation
    • Arnis Equipment for Canatuan National High School