TVIRD holds first workshop in executive development series


As Canatuan Project gears up for Copper-Zinc expansion

“Good intentions are no longer enough,” says Peter Drucker. “Leaders have to be results-focused and opportunity focused.”TVI Resource Development (TVIRD) takes the management guru’s words seriously. “Staying out in front takes more than just a good manager,” Yulo Perez, TVIRD’s Canatuan General Manager, said. “Meeting today’s challenges in business takes real leaders, a real management team that values diversity, encourages participation and accomplishes common goals.”

Perez and all of TVIRD Canatuan’s 17 managers recently participated in a two-day workshop to reinforce leadership competencies in line with the company’s resolve to be constantly in step with the best practices in operations, stewardship of the environment, and competitive returns for stakeholders especially its Subanon hosts.

Inner View, an organizational development group which deals with the integration of Management Systems to address business challenges, conducted the workshop using team processes and tools that aid in fostering commitment, increasing trust, empowering people and creating synergies for the accomplishment of organizational goals.

The series will be implemented companywide, disclosed Rene de Ocampo, TVIRD Vice President for Human Resources Development. “We need to continuously clarify, reinforce and integrate our activities, lest everything will just be interpreted as a theatre of the absurd. Our goal is to motivate all employees to participate because of commitment, not out of compliance.”

The workshop is the first in the executive development series that TVIRD is undertaking to prepare for business expansion, which includes the much-anticipated Copper-Zinc Project, a US$23 million investment that will commence next year, estimated to generate an 89 percent internal rate of return before tax.