Agata Leads Observance of Earth Day 2017 in Mining Community


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    Green team. Participants of Agata’s Earth Day observance raise their seedlings, which were later planted in mined-out pits in order to improve soil stability in the area.  Planting activities were preceded by a 3-kilometer run from the AMVI campsite, across the mine yards and down to its Agroland Nursery.

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    Earth Run. Participants kicked-off with a dance routine, followed by a three-kilometer run from the company’s campsite, across the mine yards and down to its Agroland Nursery. 

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    Community Relations personnel Jojo Banes (center) together with employees from AMVI’s Mines and Engineering Departments prep their seedlings for planting in the mined-out pits.

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    AMVI partners join the observance to protect the natural environmental and restoring the greenery in areas affected by mining.

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    Natural fertilizers produced by Agata in its Vermiculture Site are promoted by Forester Januar Ong as a key organic ingredient for farming.

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    AMVI Managers evaluated the “depths of commitment” reflected on the photo essay entries from personnel – which photos were taken within the Agata site.

AMVI employees and partners bolster awareness for the environment and climate change

Tubay, Agusan del Norte / May 2017 – Employees and staff of Agata Mining Ventures Inc. (AMVI) once again embraced the company’s commemoration of Earth Day with more than just planting trees but also rolling-out a more vigorous awareness campaign for the environment and climate change.  The joint venture company of TVI Resources Development Philippines Inc. (TVIRD) and MRL Nickel Philippines, makes sure that tree planting is not just an Earth Day activity; but rather, an everyday commitment that is carried across its ranks.

AMVI declared a whole day observance for its employees and contractors to join the series of activities that entailed internal information, education and communication (IEC) activities and timely reminders on responsible mining, which is its guiding principle.

Celebrating with a purpose

Commemorating Earth Day 2017 reaffirms AMVI’s core thrust of responsible mining, which harmonizes its economic, social and environmental initiatives under a unified sustainable program.

In terms of reforestation, over 211,000 seedlings have been planted by the company as of this year while an additional 285,000 seedlings are available at its Agroland Nursery.  These are prepped for planting in AMVI’s mined-out areas to restore and enhance the greenery as well as improve soil stability.

Planting activities are also conducted along silt ponds and other areas to prevent silt from reaching the coastline and protect existing reforested areas.  Likewise, seedlings are made available for communities to plant in their farms or backyards.

“It’s really inspiring to know that Agata keeps Earth Day alive every day in all aspects of its operations. It also seems unfazed with challenges in the mining industry,” said Christine Joy Hamoy, a student of Negros Occidental State University.

Meanwhile, Adamson University Geology student Alton Nabua expressed that “Responsible mining is possible. Earth Day (in Agata) is an experience I will never forget.”  Hamoy and Nabua are both completing their apprenticeship program in AMVI.

An early rise

An early morning Nature Fitness Challenge warmed-up the participants on the day of the event, which kicked-off with a dance routine, followed by a three-kilometer run from the company’s campsite, across the mine yards and down to its Agroland Nursery.  They likewise took time to plant mined-out areas as part of their Earth Day pledge.

During cool-down, the company’s Environment personnel reoriented the participants on global climatic conditions, necessary efforts to mitigate greenhouse gasses and the role of every responsible miner in the grand scheme of things.

AMVI Forester Januar Ong introduced the company’s various recycling efforts under its waste management program for AMVI communities – which are achieved through vermiculture, material recovery facilities and natural soil fertilization that uses waste material for seedling preparation.

In true Agata tradition, the commemoration included a cheering competition, a quiz ball on ISO provisions and environmental regulations, a photo essay showcasing insights and scenes from the mine, and a culminating Earth Day 2017 pageant that donned contestants in costumes made from recycled materials.

AMVI has been recognized for its achievements in area of environmental management by both international and local organizations, including the country’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Philippine Mining Environment and Safety Awards.  In 2016, the company received its ISO 14001 certification, which underscores that the company’s environmental management standards run parallel with that of international standards.


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