Agata Environmental Management and Mining Forest Feted with Platinum Presidential Award


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    Mobilizing progress. The PMIEA was established under Executive Order No. 399 in compliance with the policy that mining shall not only be pro-environment but also pro-people. (In photo): The vehicles acquired by the Agata Mamanwa Tribal Organization and Coro Mamanwa Management Association speed-up the delivery of goods to tribe-owned sari-sari stores, rice and feeds centers, and other livelihood establishments in the community.

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    Planting a forest. Company personnel plant seedlings of different indigenous species in one of its nurseries at the Agata mine site.  The nurseries are where the company produces over 280,000 seedlings a year.  To date, the company has planted and grown 214,742 seedlings in 187 hectares in its area.


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    Responsible miners, cleaner waters. A team of miners cleaned the silt curtain from debris washed ashore by the recent weather disturbances in the first quarter of the year.


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    Early flight. (In photo): An egret is seen taking-off beside a young indigenous tree along Kalinawan River's adopted area. Migratory egrets come to Kalinawan to feed in its rich natural environment that is abundant with various river species.

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    Our land provides. Mamanwa tribal leader, Datu Rogelio Bebe oversees the cultivation of farm lands within Agata's indigenous people's communities.  Since receiving royalties from the company's mining operations, the tribe has embarked on various livelihood opportunities that primarily include agriculture and farming.

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    Testing the waters. The 29-kilometer Kalinawan River is the cleanest inland body of water in the CARAGA region and possibly the entire province of Agusan del Norte.  Since 2010, AMVI adopted Kalinawan River, which was inspected by the Intertek Audit Team during the ISO audit along with other smaller tributaries that run through the Agata MPSA.

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    Lifesaving responsibility. Agata realizes responsible mining through its dedication towards saving lives and managing possible untoward incidents within its communities.

AMVI honored with Platinum Achievement and Best Mining Forest Awards at the recent ANMSEC

Baguio City / November 2017 – Agata Mining Ventures Inc. (AMVI) – a joint venture between TVI Resource Development Philippines Inc. (TVIRD) and MRL Nickel Philippines – was once again recognized for upholding the Philippine mining industry’s highest safety and environmental standards, as witnessed by delegates from all parts of the country at the recently-concluded 64th Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference (ANMSEC) last November 23 in historic Baguio City.

At the culmination of the four-day conference, AMVI was honored with back-to-back awards: the Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Award (PMIEA-Platinum) in the Surface Mining Operation Category and the Best Mining Forest Award (2nd Runner Up) in the Metallic Mining Operation Category.

In previous years, the company was also given the Titanium Award in the Surface Mining Category during the ANMSEC’s Testimonial Dinner and Annual Awards Night, which is traditionally held at the CAP-John Hay Trade and Cultural Center.  This milestone was achieved by AMVI within its first year of operations.

Sterling performance

Following its first ISO 14001:2004 surveillance audit – during which it exceeded expectations by logging over 11 million safe man hours and an impressive 97.12% survival rate of its cultivated plants at the Agata Project – AMVI corners another landmark achievement at the recent ANMSEC.

After a series of field validations, the committee shortlisted the company for the Platinum Award based on its environmental management (including rehabilitation and environmental protection), safety and health, performance and compliance, the implementation of its Social Development Management Programs, and the effective roll-out of its Information, Education and Communication Programs.

Parallel to this, the Best Mining Forest Award was conferred on AMVI on the merits of its reforestation program: development plan, nursery operation, planting activities, maintenance and protection, biodiversity conservation, and IEC and Research.

To date, AMVI has planted over 200,000 trees in and around the Agata Nickel Project area in Tubay Municipality, Agusan del Norte Province.  It likewise conducts continuous environmental awareness activities such as planting and growing trees along the riverbanks, watersheds and waste dumps as well as river and coastal clean-up and waste segregation activities with community residents and local government units.

AMVI’s coral relocation and coastal resource management program is the first in the region and was previously recognized with an Outstanding Performance Award by the DENR.

Since 2010, AMVI adopted Kalinawan River, which was inspected by the Intertek Audit Team during the ISO audit along with other smaller tributaries that run through the Agata MPSA.  The 29-kilometer Kalinawan River is the cleanest inland body of water in the CARAGA region and possibly the entire province.


AMVI has maintained a spotless record with no Notice of Violation since it brought operations on-stream in 2014. In addition to its ISO certification, it has been awarded in the regional level for its reforestation program and the first company in the region with a Community Royalty Development Program (CRDP) for the long-term sustainability of its indigenous cultural communities.

The implementation of AMVI’s CRDP brought forward the sustainable benefits of IP Royalties received by the Mamanwa tribes to improve their livelihood, living conditions and their fellow lumads’ access to education.

The company also established the Agata Community Emergency Response Team in order to put necessary systems in place to safeguard people and properties from imminent risks.   This has led to AMVI’s various awards on medical and fire competitions this year at the regional level.

From the executive branch

The PMIEA is conferred upon deserving mining companies and recognizes outstanding levels of dedication, initiative and innovation in the pursuit of environmental management excellence as well as commitment to safety, health and social development.

The awards were established under Executive Order No. 399 on February 03, 1997 in compliance with the policy that mineral exploration activities and mining operations shall not only be pro-environment but also pro-people.

“The 64th annual national mine safety and environment conference again brings together advocates of responsible mining within and outside the mining communities where we operate. This includes not only the mining companies but also our regulators, suppliers, academe services contractors and local government units and communities,” according to PMSEA President Louie Sarmiento who co-organizes the annual ANMSEC with the DENR’s Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB).

The theme for this year’s ANMSEC is “Responsible Mining… In the Hearts and Minds of Filipinos.”

During the ANMSEC, presidential awards were given to deserving mining companies engaged in mineral exploration, quarry operation, surface mining operation, underground mining operation and mineral processing.